We encourage all members to join in on as many scheduled and unscheduled activities as possible.

Our Discord server clearly displays each scheduled event.

We work hard to accommodate people from diverse time zones by scheduling events at different times.

We also like to maintain a balance of events across different games, with the 2 categories of events being "community" and "club" events.

Community events are available to all members of the crew and can take place on any game, while club events mainly happen on Red Dead and GTA, usually remaining exlusive to members of the outlaw gang and motorcycle club.


The Discord server has a channel called "create an event" for any members who wish to share their own event ideas or schedule them outright while trying not to conflict with existing events.

Members are encouraged to come up with ideas as much as possible, especially to keep activities new in games that have been out for a while.


Business resupply and sale missions in Red Dead and GTA are heavily protected and it's important to listen to people that are focused on safely guiding deliveries.

Members who receive help from the group should try to give back to the people who helped them.

GTA heists are a great method we often use to help our members make enough money.


When players attack us in free roam we often make an effort to stand our ground.

In the club, we like to control the chaos by considering the higher ranking members present as temporary commanders on the battlefield, and they of course should be listened to by other members.

Nobody is required to fight for hours, especially newer players, however members should at least make an effort and indicate if they are leaving the conflict.

We will not assist members who start a fight with a random person for no good reason.

On GTA, our MC follows the code of 1% which means we focus on free aim, assault rifles and avoiding the use of any military-like tactics.


In addition to the PlayStation parties, Discord is our main communication hub for all organization members.

Our Discord server is filled with a lot of useful resources like channels to call for assistance, helpful tips, a voting area and much more.

We use many fun bots that elevate our server experience like the amazing RDO Compendium for our Red Dead players as well as essential bots like server security and moderation to keep everybody safe.

The server member list makes it simple to find and connect with your fellow members, with custom names and roles that include a person’s PlayStation username, first / nick name and time zone.